Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Toys, Stalking the UPS Truck and Organization Nirvana

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and you’d get all those new supplies at the beginning of the  year?  I always loved opening the packages and labeling things. Putting the pencils in a new case, covering books etc. Well I never grew out of that. An order was due yesterday and starting at about 4:00, I was watching the driveway for the UPS truck. You know how they say a watched pot never boils? Yeah, well a watched driveway doesn’t produce the UPS truck either! He finally came at 6:30 and I ran into my studio and ripped open that box like a crazy woman. I opened all the packages, fondled my new toys and just loved them up. Then I simply had to organize, label and put everything away. I swear it’s a compulsion. Every time I get new toys, I MUST go through this process ASAP. You know the weirdest thing about it? I LOVE IT! Seriously, I had the most fun making new folders to add to my box of embossing folders and Framelits. Putting the stamp sets together and alphabetizing them on my stamp rack. Of course I delighted in labeling new folders for the dsp, punching out dots of cardstock in the appropriate color for the tops of reinker bottles and using the label maker to label the sides of my embellishment containers. I adore my label maker

I guess my Mom would not be a bit surprised at my compulsion to organize things. She was the book keeper for Daddy's business and used to give me old forms and blank deposit slips to play with when I was little. I had an office set up in my room. I had a desk full of supplies just like she did. Even in my teens I was bit ocd. Mom said I was the only teenager who actually kept a clean room. Her friends were always jealous cause she never had to fuss to get me to clean my room, and my closet was an organized work of art.

Yeah, I know, I'm kind of a dork. Okay, my big brother would say a BIG DORK! But ya know what? I'm happy like this. 
This purse is the cutest card holder! I got the directions from Chiaki Haverstick. I used a Labels Framelit for the top section of the purse, because I didn't have the die that Chiaki used. I simply adore this card set holder and I plan to make several more.
These are the two newest Designer Series Paper. I made these display boards to show all the products that coordinate with these pretty papers. Of course, I don't have all those ribbons and buttons.... yet! lol

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  1. I love all of the wonderful fashions you created with the dress die! Looks like you are thoroughly enjoying your new goodies!! Don't you just LOVE the frost paper!!


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