Saturday, May 24, 2014

Written Tutorials and Videos

I'm finally feeling pretty good. No walker or cane, and the pain is at a normal level now. I'm even sleeping 6 hours at night! I think I'm finally back, 5 weeks after total knee replacement surgery. Let me tell you it is noooo picnic. It is such a prevelent surgery and you are able to walk the day of surgery, so you think eh, piece of cake. NOT!!!! It is an extremely painful ordeal and the healing takes a very long time. Not t mention that anesthesia really stays in your system a while and together with the strong pain meds, your mind is just not as clear and sharp as usual.

So all that is my attempt to explain my lack of a proper response to the paper bag mini album that I posted awhile back.  I watched and rewatched a series of videos and took copious notes before making that album.  I often think I prefer written directions with photos to a video. I am in the minority in that respect. I'm a teacher and I know how vital mulitmedia is in reaching people's various learning styles. I always end up writing all the directions down when watching videos. Yeah, I'm weird, what can I say?
When a couple people asked me for directions or a tutorial I told them I didn't have them written down yet and emailed them a link to the video series by Ginger Ropp. Why didn't I just post a link in the blog post???? Geeze slaps self upside the head! Here is a link to Ginger's video series.
Here are my written directions. I gotta tell you she does a very good job too. I really appreciate the fact that she doesn't say umm a bazillon times, make you watch/wait while she fussy cuts an intricate design, slowly show/describe each and every single product and all the various colors used. She doesn't force you to wait while she goes to look for something either!! There are a lot of poorly done videos on YouTube, but Ginger's are NOT in that category. Her videos are very well done, and this is high praise coming from  an impatient woman who used to be that hyper little girl who drove her teachers batty!!

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  1. This is so pretty. I love the vintage look.

    So glad to hear that you are finally doing better. Hope you're pain free soon.


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