Friday, August 26, 2011

I love photography

I love my Canon camera and new photo printer as well. I've been learning more about how to use the manual setting. I took a digital photography class a few years ago at the University, but my son is light years ahead of me.  He's taught me more than I learned in the class.  Using Photoshop is so much fun, but continues to be a great challenge. I just felt like I was making some real progress with Photoshop, and now we have Photomatix!  That's a whole other program to learn! 
It's really cool though:)

These pictures were taken in Walterboro, South Carolina.  - The Donnelley Wildlife Management Area. Yes, I was really that close to the gators. But the car was right behind me as well.

Right near the old rice fields. 
Great Blue Heron
This was an old rice plantation, this is the trunk gate used to control the water level on the fields.  I love the sign, it reads, "Gators may be present."  May be present.... yeah ah  - we saw over twenty in one spot in one pond, you literally had to watch where you stepped!

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