Monday, July 16, 2012

For the Birds

Do you realize how seriously addicted to Pinterest I am??  I found the coolest birds on there a couple weeks ago made from the "Bird Builder" punch from Stampin' Up.  I was completely enchanted by these gorgeous creations on Kirsten Moore's blog. I pinned them and immediately called my friend Pam to tell her about them. See Pam LOVES birds and I knew if I thought they were gorgeous, she would go nuts... and she did! From Kirsten's blog we learned that she got the directions from Lynn Pratt  or here. Well of course we simply had to buy them:) Today we sat down a made a few, ohhhh but we're not done yet. There are more birds to make and of course we need a birdhouse oooh and a bird feeder... and maybe a bird bath...maybe we need a tree - well not a real one of course. It could be made out of paper. I'm rambling, can you tell I'm excited???  See I mentioned that we could could put birds on the display board for the craft show, but Pam had the brilliant idea to have a whole bird theme, because, she said, "birds are really in right now." We could also use a peacock and the tail feathers could be all the "In Colors."  I mean peacocks can live in your yard here in the south. Back in the day, plantation owners used to have them to decorate their yards. Of course I use to want a couple to decorate our yard, but my husband said they are dirty and noisy. Why must he be so practical when I'm busy pretending to be Miss Scarlet on my plantation with peacocks?? lol

Pam and I played happily this morning building birds (no pun intended). It was really quite a challenge, even with the directions. I'm sure glad I had Pam, because she used to be an engineer and has that analytical left-brain goin' on that I do not have. We had such fun, I'm so thankful for good friends like her. She is such a treasure. Besides having a love of paper arts and crafting, she is so easy to be around, always pleasant and cheerful. She's very smart, but not a know-it-all and she's not competitive or snobby. I'm blessed to have some really great friends and Pam is one of them:) See, who needs a sister? I have such good friends like Pam, Barb, Susie, Rachael, Kitty and the other Suzie.
GASP!!  I was so excited to show these to y'all I forgot to put a grommet in the two I just put on cards! lol
Here are some more directions on making a cardinal:

We only used the Bird Builder punch, but I want to get the Language of Friendship stamp set and the Boho Blossoms punch that coordinate too!! Hmmm now that I think about it, that Blissful Bird stamp set is pretty cool too:) You can order any of them here. 


  1. Your birds are adorable and I love the tags you embossed. You crack me up.....donkeys and peacocks! LOL

  2. These are all just so beautiful. Such fun creations to make with your GF. Love all your layouts.

  3. Great work with the birds Carole. I think the first & last are my favorite, but then the middle works for Christmas ! Sounds like you are having fun ! Shirleyx

  4. Oh My Goodness! I haven't seen these on Pinterest yet, but I see why you love them. I do too. I'm going to have to make some too.

  5. Hey Carole, I'm just scrolling down thru all your posts that I have missed and just had to stop & comment on this one. The "build a bird" punch has been on my wishlist since last Christmas. Love what you've done w/ it! See you this weekend.


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