Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Studio Smells Like...


No cute little smiles or messy diapers here.

Dina Kowal, from Split Coast Stampers has converted me to the use of baby oil as a blending agent with Prismacolor Pencils. Aside from the fact that I LOVE the smell, it blends so beautifully - it ends up looking so un-pencil-like.  It almost looks as though you've used markers. I'm still experimenting with different techniques like a very light yellow or pink for additional highlights instead of white. I find that after applying several colors then blending with my stump and baby oil, that I can still go back and add more color highlights here and there.

So far, I still prefer using a kleenex as a final burnishing/buffing tool. I tried baby wipes but they took away a lot of color and the paper got too wet.

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