Friday, December 2, 2011

New Rubber Stamps!

Our postal carrier is the sweetest lady, especially when she brings packages of art supplies!!  Yesterday I received my first order from Flourishes and wow! I really like the images and the stamps are so well etched. I love the way all the images in the set can go together to make a scene. I know, it's not a new idea, but it is new for me.  I haven't bought any rubber stamps in quite a while, and I only have a handful of unmounted stamps. Those that I do have, don't really make a set like this.  I've had the most fun playing with them today. Here's the first completed card.
I made myself stop, so that I could address and stamp envelopes for Christmas cards. Then the dogs wanted to walk me, and there's that pesky think called dinner that had to made.

Tomorrow I'm going to a craft show with a friend, and I hope to get some inspiration as well a couple of Christmas gifts.

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  1. Your blog is gorgeous! I love this card as well. I am now a follower


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