Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures Under The Desk

See that butt sticking up in the air? That's me. The good news is my new knee works really well. Wait til I tell Dr. O'Shea how well I can crawl on it. See I was getting out the grommets for a card. I keep them all in these little tins which I used to think were so clever and adorable. Now I just think they are evil inventions of some MAN trying to drive women crazy! The tops get stuck on, and I was trying to get the dumb thing off when whoosh.... it came off with a burst of energy scattering grommets alllll over my studio. Many naturally landed under and behind the furniture. The only way to get these little things was to get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the furniture. What's the big deal you ask? My new knee hasn't been used like that yet, but it worked! I'm happily crawling around gathering grommets and there was one elusive little guy waaaay on the other side of the dresser. Well I'm tall, I have long arms, so I reached and stretched and scootched and squirmed and shimmied myself all around underneath the desk and.... I got it! Then I realized getting out wasn't so easy. In fact it was downright difficult. So difficult in fact, that I was stuck. Yep, that's me stuck under my own desk. I kept telling myself, "you got in here so you can fit through to get out." It took several interminably long minutes, but I finally managed to unwind my long arms and legs and get myself free from the clutches of my childhood desk. I was hot and my head hurt. It wasn't dusty, because I just vacuumed under all the furniture last month. Must have been from all that hard thinking. I no longer think the tins are cute. In fact, I'm going to look for a replacement storage solution for my grommets. But not right now, I have to go take a nap, my head still hurts.

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