Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cards and a Recipe

I just finished a couple more cards with the Fresh Vintage set from Stampin' Up.
    • navy and lt. brown cardstock is from Hobby Lobby
    • denim ink from Adirondack
    • decorative paper is KC & Company (Merryweather)
    Just playin' around, then got a smudge and had to cover it, so I used a pearl. That one pearl looked dumb, so I added more. Now that I've had time to look at it and think about it, I wouldn't put the smaller portion of doily on the right.
    • navy and blue cardstocks are  from Hobby Lobby
    • denim ink from Adirondack
    • doily die from Stampin' Up
    Pizza Meatloaf:
    Two eggs
    small can spiced tomato sauce
    about a pound of ground round
    1 package Lipton instant onion soup mix
    2 slices some type wheat bread tear up into small pieces
    4 slices swiss cheese
    3 slices of bacon or 1/3 ish cup of bacon bits
    Mix eggs, tomato sauce and onion soup mix, then add ground round and torn up bread. Mix with hands and put 1/2 in a loaf pan. Cover with cheese slices, than add the rest. Squirt ketchup on top, then put bacon slices or bits. Bake at 350 for 45 -50 minutes.


    1. Beautiful card Carole ! I love blue & brown together. The meatloaf recipe sounds good, it doesn't have any cholestoral right ? :) Shirleyx

    2. Beautiful cards, love the blue and brown together.


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