Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Catalog Items

These products will be available on June 1. Can't you just feel how soothing and relaxing sitting in an outdoor swing would be. We have one and I love it! I sit in it every day, weather permitting of course. This morning I took a tray with my breakfast and some dog biscuits out with me. Cricket, our Australian Shepherd, and I had a nice breakfast while watching the birds in one of the front flower gardens. We saw 2 different types of woodpeckers, a Carolina Wren splashing it up in the bird bath, and some brown headed cowbirds with their beautiful song. It was funny watching a boat tailed crackle chase the downy woodpecker off the suet feeder! The other usual visitors were on the feeders as well: cardinal, blue jay, chickadees, and purple finches.

Added May 29:
I could not get a good color representation at night, and the scanner didn't show the brick pattern that the embossing folder makes well. So I'm including both versions! I really want you to see how lovely this stamp set works up. 

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