Friday, May 13, 2016

The New Catalog is Coming!

The NEW annual catalog will be available for orders on June 1st!  I am SO EXCITED, because this is my favorite catalog so far! I just know you will love so many things in it to love, and just wait till you see the new In Colors! Oh my, they are just gorgeous! My favorite In Color set so far. Did I mention that I was excited?

Here is one of the new stamp sets that will be available for you to purchase. It's called Sitting Here and has 14 stamps in the set. There are also some greetings, a bird, a cat image, but as much as I love animals, I am not fond of cats. They bring back memories of being bitten in the face, clawed in the arm... tetnus and rabies shot. I still would pet and cuddle one if I was sure it was very gentle, except for the fact that I am allergic to them:( The only type of animal allergy I have. Go figure!

Se the video below with another idea for this charming set and a technique to use when stamping the puppy.

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