Monday, April 16, 2012

Craft Ideas to Try

I've have a collection of things I want to make and I thought I'd share them with y'all in case you'd like to make any of them. If you do, please show them to me:)
First, I've got to show you these mason jar candles. I found them at The Green Head website. These are sooooo cool, but I want to make my own. I'm thinking of other than Christmas. From the description I understand that they are oil candles with pine cones and holly berries sealed up inside mason jars.It also says they have fiberglass wicks that never need replacing, and use paraffin liquid which is smokeless.So I'm thinking of what to use in making them. Back in the day (19...mumble mumble) we made oil candles with colored water, and Crisco oil on the top. We had some floating wick thingy and that was it. I've been reading online and you can use olive oil and a wick can be made from rolled up paper towel. I'm not so sure how I feel about using paper towel as a wick though. Ohhhh you know what would be cool inside one? Sea shells or bamboo! Of course flowers, but they would surely have to be fake. (You know all those pretty teacups you always see at thrift stores? If there is a design inside the cup, those would be pretty with just the oil in them! Oh and scent the oil with something wonderful.)  Okay, for the mason jars, I'm thinking there are probably wicks for sale at Hobby Lobby, and I think it would be good to stick them to the bottom of the jar. Here are some good directions. I wonder if you could put greenery in the water portion and it would keep? The candles featured for sale below appear to have all oil inside that kind of preserves the berries and greens maybe???

As you can tell, this idea is pretty much in the thinking stage. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? What do you think? What do you know? Please share  your thoughts.
This picture is from the Green Head website and what gave me the idea.
These ideas don't require any thinking, the directions are all there and ready to be made.

Fabric Storage Bins

DIY Twist Ties pretty

Photos in a Bottle

Shaped Cakes

Button Paper Clips

Button Heart Canvas

Button Cupcake tag

Braided Ribbon

Ribbon Paperclips

Flower Fairys

Melted Crayon Art


Cord Covers

Paper and Wire Wrapped Beads

Paper Bead Bookmark

Twig Vase

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Fabric Wrapped Spring Containers


  1. Carole, don't burn your house down! I think those mason jar lids are made special for candles. Companies sell fiberglass wicks and mason jar lids (made from zinc) just for candle making.

    The jars are beautiful and I like the sea shell idea but please don't make one without researching it further! Yikes.

    Stick with the soap dispenser :)

  2. Thanks for looking out for me Nancy:) I promise I will do research. I could leave the lid off and just do the floating wick. I do like the soap dispenser.

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas!! :) Will be waiting to see yorr creations! ;)

  4. I like the ideas & I'll be looking forward to see what you create! TFS!!!

  5. I have wanted those soap dispensers FOREVER..they would be awesome in my old house..I also love those little flower daughter would get a kick out of those.Now more stuff on the " I want to make this" list ha!Thanks for gathering up all this info!


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