Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ink Pad Storage From Foam Core Board!

I love these storage units but they are a little out of my price range. On Pinterest I found Leslie's ink pad storage unit. She made it herself, and not out of wood either... out of foam board! I had a bunch of foam board that my son left when he graduated college and moved out. So I decided to try making one. Leslie has great directions and pictures on her blog: I printed them out, took them to my husband's shop and went to work. This was quite a challenge for me, because I swear I do not have a left brain. Remember those aptitude tests we all took in school? Well, a monkey would scored better on the mechanical ability than I did!! lol Anyway, I could hear my friend Patty's voice inside my head telling me to measure twice, cut once, but for Carole, you better measure three times! So I did, and I talked out loud to myself and the dog the entire time while I was reasoning out how it fit together and how Leslie's measurements could be adapted to fit what I needed. My husband only had to help by lending another set of hands to tape the shelf supports on and then to tape the top/bottom and sides together. He did make one very valuable suggestion. Instead of just taping the sides/top/bottom together, he suggested using these rods (thicker than a pin but you could cut them with wire cutters) to insert into the top shelf and through the side shelf.

In order to cover up the silvery kind of metalish duck tape stuff, I used contact paper on the top and sides. Some of the foam board was ink-stained so I used contact paper to cover the edges of the shelves too. I can't begin to tell you how extremely proud I am of my creation! I've never built anything in my whole life before, and I did this all by myself. My husband always helps or ends up doing stuff for me. He is such a sweetie!!


  1. Carole, these are FANTASTIC! Girl, you took my idea and ran with it. I'm so proud of you! I bet your husband is quite proud of you as well :D, plus if your dog could talk you would be getting praises from him/her as well :D

  2. Wow! That came out awesome! What a great idea. It's fit perfectly on top of your cube storage thingy!

  3. Okay,can I just tell you how impressed I am at this? It looks like a professional ink pad storage unit! You did a GREAT job!
    BTW, I talk to myself when I work. I am THAT good of company! LOL! If I don't talk myself through a project I will mess it up for sure.

  4. Love this! I too want one of these, but DH keeps telling me he can make me one out of wood. But at this rate, I may end up using your instructions... :)

  5. You did a great job on this. I made something similar for my Copics- (mine looks like crud, but it serves its purpose well.)

  6. WOW that looks awesome! Do you know if you can make this with custom foamcore boards too? They have them here where you can print custom pictures on them and I want to make a similar case, but am scared that picture, which will be the side, will get scrwed up do you have any tips or tricks?

    1. I wouldn't know how to make them with the pictures on the outside. I used tape all around the outside and then covered it with contact paper to cover up that silver tape. You need strong tape to make the construction secure.


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