Monday, August 6, 2012

Pop-up Presents

You know, I really need to stop pinning any more things on Pinterest for a while. I have enough ideas pinned to keep me busy for months! It really is addictive isn't it?  I found this pop up present idea on Pinterest, but there were no measurements or directions, so I had to work it out for myself. As I worked, I scanned my progress so that I could share it with you. I finished the card, and the templates and attempted to find the card that inspired me. I wanted to give the gal credit. I couldn't find it, but I did find a video with measurements and everything! Why couldn't I have found the video BEFORE I worked it all out?  lol  I'm going to include my templates with written measurements and give you the link to the video as well. Sometimes it's nice to have two ways of looking at something don't you think? Here is the video
 This is the first one I did. I just eyeballed it, the presents are too far apart and I wasn't crazy about the background stamping. So Back to the drawing board.
 I like this one much better! I adjusted the sizes of the presents and didn't use any stamps on the inside. I will, however, stamp a greeting on the inside... as soon as my order from the holiday catalog gets here:)
 Another Mixed Bunch card done in black and while.


  1. Adorable!! Good eye on the presents!! Pinterest is the best!! :)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love Pinterest too!

  3. Hi Carole, The gifts popping up are cool :) Great cards ! Seems like you are having fun ! Shirleyx

  4. This is so cute!! I need to pin this too!!!

  5. Pinterest is really addictive!! What a fun pop up card!! Have a fabulous day!!


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