Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love the way you can make flowers with petal punches. Aren't they fun? This is a different look for me, kind of cutesy instead of artsy, but they are super easy and no coloring. I made the envelopes to match. The punch and the Happy Bday stamp are from Stampin' Up. the paper came from my stash.
 Keeping up with birthdays in a large family can be daunting. A while back I made a type of envelope calendar-book to keep up with birthdays and store the cards Card Minder. After I've used it while, it's not really working for me. I keep a large basket of cards on a bookshelf in my studio, so I don't really need a place to keep birthday cards and putting the book where I will see it and remember takes up space. This is a better solution for me. I simply listed the birthdays by months in a table on a Word document.  I cut each month into the same size square and attached them with paper fasteners. The where to put this is easy, on my new bulletin board! It looks pretty, and is always visible in a room that I visit quite often!


  1. Hi Carole ! Great idea with the petal stamps, looks beautiful and the provides endless opportunities for different creations.

    Thx for sharing your system to remember birth dates & cards. I use a Calendar that the Dutch use. It has a page for each month, with just the numerical date, no day of the week. I use it over & over each year as I simply flip the page each month. It hangs above my craft desk, can't miss it :) Have a great week, Shirleyx

  2. that sounds like a better idea Shirley! I think I have an idea of how to add that to my existing base with a spiral coil hmmmm... you've got me thinking. Thanks!

  3. Very cute cards! Great idea for keeping up to date on birthdays!

  4. Your cards are fabulous and what a great idea to use a punch for the petals. Love your idea for keeping track of birthdays. Looks great on the bulletin board.


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