Sunday, June 3, 2012

Greeting Card Verses and Sentiments

I've been collecting sentiments, poems, clever sayings and verses for - gosh since college... or even high schools. Does that make me a word smith? lol I keep card verses on my computer and print them out as needed. I keep the printed verses in an old binder categorized by event and holidays in plastic sleeve protectors. When I need one, it's easy to find and then glue inside a card.

I make a collection of cards for a few of my closest friends and family for gifts. Then I always think that they'd like some verses to go in the cards. In the past I've made many different types of portfolios, boxes etc. to hold these gifts of card assortments and verses. I've put the verses in little envelopes, but for my BFF's birthday in the past, but her supply is running low, so I thought I'd give her a refill. I decided to do something different this time. My blogging group, Paper Pajama Party, has a challenge this month to make a book. I love making hand-bound books!! So my BFF is getting a book of verses this time.

I used cardstock (Stampin Up, Red Rose) for the cover and the back with some decorative paper from K & Company.  The embossing folder for the cover is from Stampin' Up. I made the envelopes from double sided cardstock (K & Company). To make the envelopes I followed Shirley's directions on the Impression Obsession website. Then I just bound it with my trusty old spiral binder.
My old binder full of verses, greetings, sayings and poems.
If you'd like some verses, I've put them on Box to share with  you. I noted the author of a verse IF I know them. I would gladly give credit if I knew the authors of any of the others.
Just click on the links below:
Wedding and Anniversary
New Baby
Get Well
Thank You


  1. What a beautiful book and great idea!

  2. Your book is beautiful!!! You did great on the challenge and such a creative book and a great gift!

    I love the envelopes. I will have to check out how to make it!!

  3. This is absolutely stunning Carole!!!. LOVE IT!!!

  4. Wow-ee wow wow!!! Super mini book and what an amazing idea!! You did a beautiful job with this! :)

  5. Absolutely a gigantic THANK YOU to you for sharing you sayings...I love the idea of the booklet and the lists. I will teach this at my club this winter. thank you. I will acknowledge your name and website.


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