Monday, June 4, 2012

Fabric Covered Thumbtacks

I said I'd post pictures and progress of making fabric covered thumbtacks for my new bulletin board, so here they are as promised. I do have a tip for you too. The tacks below were covered with canvas fabric and it is kind of thick, which makes it very difficult to push into the button head. Plus, I was out of glue sticks, so I used what I had - Gorilla Glue. Boy, that stuff sure lives up to it's name!! It bubbles and expands a LOT. It reminds me of that spray insulation stuff. Worse yet, is the stickiness!! I know you're probably thinking, "well it IS glue." Yeah, but not regular glue, which you can wash off. This stuff will not wipe off, or wash off. I was beginning to worry and I didn't want to tell DH. He'd come to my rescue sure, but he'd tease the living daylights out of me and tell our friends and family of my latest Lucy move. So I tried every method I could think of, while hoping it wasn't permanent and that I'd have to go the ER or something. (Hey, it's me we're talking about, it HAS happened in the past.) The last thing I tried was rubbing alcohol and mercifully, it worked:) When I finished with these, I swore I'd never make any more... but then I got to thinking about how I really did need some more, and maybe, just maybe thinner fabric would work better. Oh and NO MORE GORILLA GLUE. I bought some more glue sticks, and an eighth of a year of a pretty blue paisley cotton. It worked like a charm. The hot glue was much better too. I didn't even burn myself  this time either, which is always a possibility with me. 

Directions for making the bulletin board and the fabric-covered thumb tacks are in a previous post:
Remember these two tips from Lucy-impaired blogster:
  • use hot glue gun
  • use thin cotton fabric


  1. What a fabulous project Carol!!Your cork board is such a wonderful and useful addition to home decor! Love the matching push pins! You are so creative girl!!

  2. I know a friend of mine that would LOVE this. I hope I can make one for her!!! This is beautiful!!!

  3. Your buttons came out cute!

    You didn't follow the directions did you? LOL

    Your supposed to use plain tacks not canvas covered ones silly.

    Are we sure we can trust you with a HOT glue gun? LOL

    1. I did use plain tacks, you buy button things and cover them with fabric, then you glue the tacks on the back. Hot glue gun... yeah you are right about that. lol

    2. tee hee hee...I re-read your post three used canvas fabric!

      I'm sloooowwww...LOL

      You might want to keep some mineral oil handy. Ya know, for the hot glue. Just in case, you never know!

    3. I can't decide if you're psychic or you just know me REAL WELL... Good thing you told me about the mineral oil! Oddly, I don't burn myself very often with hot glue. I used it all the time when I was teaching to put things on the cinderblock walls. Got it on the counter too, but I poured hot coffee on it and it came up. Love ya Nance!!

  4. I laughed out loud! Great post and beautiful push pins.

  5. Your Bulletin board and now covered tacks look fabulous ! I also love your stories, they make me smile :) Have a great week, Shirleyx

  6. Your thumbtacks turned out so beautiful. Love your bulletin board hanging up there.

  7. Gorgeous projects!! Your board is just beautiful and the tacks are covered perfectly! :)


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