Friday, June 29, 2012

Christmas Prototypes

These were literally made with scraps of paper. I don't have any Christmas paper left, no tissue paper and only cheap cardstock. That's okay, because these are just practice pieces anyway. When I make something the first time I often make crazy mistakes and if I HAD used good paper then I'd have been mad.

When making the gift card holder, I put the inside part upside down when I did the outside, so I had to carefully pull the paper off, turn it around and then I did it upside down. I used a brad at first, then decided buttons would be cheaper and wouldn't require any holes. So then I had to cover up the hole. Of course white velcro doesn't look too good so the real thing should have another color or better yet those magnetic closures. The bows on the package are made with Nestibility ovals, but Stampin' Up has some oval punches that are narrower so they would look more like loops. My friend Pam has those punches, so I'm pretty sure she will let me go to her house and use hers:)

The shopping bag card went together pretty easy no Lucy mistakes there. Tissue paper in another color might look better, and of course some pretty decorative paper... oh and a Christmasy embossing folder like the one that has tiny poinsettias all over it would be good. Yeah, my friend Pam has that too:)  Stampin' Up has a couple of sets of gorgeous Christmas paper that I will order too:)
Now remember these colors are NOT anything I would use, they are just whatever scraps I happened to have.
This is the inside of the gift card holder. Yeah a magnetic closure dot thingy would be much better along with pretty coordinating colors of papers.


  1. You're doing great with your projects. Did you buy those little bags on the front of your card, or did you make those?? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

  2. I made the little bags. They are just squares of decorative paper. I taped the tulle behind them and attached some twine stuff for handles. Super easy. They would be cute for a birthday too wouldn't they?

  3. Adorable little bags and such fun Christmas projects! Love them!! Fa la la la la la la la laaaa! Keep up the great work, pretty lady! :)

  4. How wonderful to get a jump on christmas card! Those bags are super cute!


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