Thursday, March 1, 2012

Arting With a Friend - What Fun!

I had the BEST day today! I spent the afternoon with a friend, Pam, who is also a Stampin' Up Demo. Her studio is amazing and she showed me soooo many wonderful things. I really felt as though I was in a toy store! So many new ideas and techniques entered my brain, that it was literally sparking and surging. If anyone experienced a power surge in our area don't worry, it was probably just me!

I learned that I don't need to give up on punches. See, I recently threw one away (big gasp) because it was constantly getting stuck, or card stock would get stuck in it. That punch spent more time in my husband's shop waiting for him to fix it, than it did in my studio being used in artwork! I discovered that some punches are designed better and are easier for my arthritic hand to use.  I love how a punch can be used to cut a shape around a custom message printed on the computer. With the punch, you can see where it will cut unlike with my Big Shot. So I will soon buy a couple for the sentiment stamps I bought at the stamp show last month!

Boxes, pads, and candy holders oh my! My friend shared so many lovely projects, I can't even a pick a favorite. I've seen templates and designs for Candy holders, note card totes, party favors, bookmarks, calendars before; but Pam had the most unique designs that I'd never seen. Yes, I did order a couple things, wanna see? (I'm always interested in what other people buy, I guess I figure you do too!)

New Impression Obsession Toys and the Next Thing on my List!
My post ma'am will bring the ocean butterfly, martini and peach blossom tomorrow. Next, I HAVE to get the peaches set from Flourishes to go with the peach blossom! lol  You see I live in South Carolina and we produce more peaches than any other state except California, and my family LOVES peaches. I freeze some every summer. Although neither my husband or I play, golf is very big here. And hey, any self-respecting Carolina girl visits the beach often, so I had to have this gorgeous flutterby. Can't you just see it all colored in and embellished with tiny shells I've saved from wondering the beach?


  1. thanks for the great time!

  2. Hi Carole, I think I've "talked" (via email) with your friend Pam a few months ago. (There aren't many SU demonstrators in this area, so it had to be the same Pam.) If she ever does a workshop or an open house would you let me know. I'd love to go.
    I love the stamps you ordered. Weren't you looking for an old truck stamp in Columbia at the show? Somebody I talked to was & I thought it was you...if so, you couldn't have found a neater one than this. Can't wait to see it colored.


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