Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Egg Template - All Cracked Up!

I woke up yesterday with a cracked egg in my head. No, for Easter silly! I don't know if it just came to me or if I saw a card like this at some point, but it was in my head and I had to make one. I even have a template for you, but don't get too excited, it's not a pretty computer generated template. It's hand-drawn and you may laugh. I couldn't draw it on the computer because when lightening hit the computers last fall, it fried them both. Of course when you replace, you get an updated operating system... and naturally some programs won't run on the newer version of Windows. Why would they? Because then Microsoft wouldn't get as many of our hard-earned dollars buying MORE software!!!  argh!  I decided I would not replace the drawing program I had. It's expensive and I'm retired. Soooo you just have to make due with my hand drawn template. If you are talented, you can improve or revise it. My friend Pam is an engineer and actually has a left-brain (you know, mechanical/analytical). She helped me figure out a better way to construct the opening with the paper fastener. I want you to know I worked on this thing alllll morning yesterday. I bet I made six different templates - seriously. See, I have NO left brain. I'd get to one step and it wouldn't work or looked goofy, so I'd figure out a better way to do it. Then Pam came up with a better closure and I came home and dug through the computer trash can to find a previous template.

This is just a prototype... a model. My next egg will look a bit neater.
The next one I can cut the decorative paper better with the template, and I think the flower or whatever image goes in the middle should be centered better. Image is from Impression Obsession, cardstock is Stampin' Up - Certainly Celery and Bashful Breeze. I have no earthly idea where I got the decorative paper, probably Hobby Lobby.
Opening the card reveals the inside. I used an embossing folder on the inside egg. (Sizzix, Tropical Paisley). I made the inside egg a bit smaller than the outside cracked egg so that it wouldn't show edges behind.
This is the inside egg.
This is the outside cracked egg. I cut this from cardstock.
This pattern is a bit smaller so that when you glue/tape the decorative paper on the cardstock, you have a border.

I scanned the templates into Photoshop. Since I no longer have a compatible draw/paint program, I could only save this as a jpeg so you may have to adjust the size a bit. On my computer it prints out the correct size.... but I print from Photoshop, so I'm not sure how it will work on your computer.

I hope you enjoy this, I thought it was fun. Well, I thought it was fun after I finally figured out how to make it! lol  You may want to have the crack open from the top. Somehow, in my brain it needs to open from the bottom. If you make one please show me I'd love to see what you come up with!!

Update: 3/21/2012
Guess what I just found while looking through my Spellbinders' Inventory list? That's right, nested egg shapes!!! Then we wouldn't even need a template whoo hoo:)

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