Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I saw this on Becca Feeken's website, and made that version below. I thought about working in white, but I love blue! It's been my favorite color since kindergarten. Besides, I'm totally allergic to white. I don't even wear white EVER. Why you ask? If there is a speck of dirt, a drop of ink or a speck of food within a 5 mile radius, it will find its way to my white clothing or artwork. I am a magnet when I'm around white, stains and accidents just find me. I scanned this but the colors don't show well. In real-life it looks better. However, I'm not happy with the front yet. I think I need a different ribbon. Maybe silk to show more contrast. I also have some old jewelry, perhaps a piece of silver-tone would look better behind the bow. I'm going to make some changes tomorrow and I'll post the improved version.

Update 3/8/2012: Improved Cover I just finished. Those sparkly fake diamonds are to cover up the glue dots! They were in a piece of old costume jewelry. I just pried them out. I have a friend that saves broken, old, remaining half of lost earrings etc for me. She saves up until she has a box full and passes them on to me. Don't you just love girlfriends?


  1. This is beautiful. I true work of heart. I love black and wear too much of it but think that white adds 10 lbs..but I still love it. your calendar is great.

  2. Beautiful work ! Congratulations on your win at IO ! Cheers, Shirley

  3. Love your blue calendar! I too saw the one on Becca's blog and have my own version to post tomorrow on my blog.


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