Thursday, March 8, 2012

I won!!!! I organized, and I Played With Mousetraps

I'm so excited!! I won the challenge at Impression Obsession!!! Doin' the Happy Dance:)  I just LOVE their stamp images. I now have a gift certificate and you should have seen me looking at their stamps. I was drooling all over the keyboard:)

No, the mousetraps didn't have any mice in them, they were clean. Otherwise I couldn't have touched them. When I was a kid and lived on a farm, we'd get mice sometimes. Whenever one got caught in the trap, Mom and I would sweep it up into a dust pan and take it to the burn barrel (where we burned paper trash). Then we'd burn the dead mouse, trap and all, with the papers.  We NEVER touched a trap or a dead mouse. Mom said they had germs and were icky and I believed her of course. Oh, so why am I playing with mouse traps? Well I'm making something with new, clean, unused mouse traps. I bought them at Lowes and then took them out to my husband's shop so I could operate on them. I found some plyer grabby thingys and performed a trapectomy. I removed the plastic gizmo that the bait goes on, then, I removed the trigger gadget. Next, I used a sanding block to sand off the picture of a mouse and the words. I remembered to carefully put the tools back where I found them after wiping them off of course. I painted them with spray paint. As soon as they are dry, I'm going to glue a magnet on the back and a stamped image on the front, and put some designs on with my paint pens. Then I'll take them back out to the shop and put some sort of varnish or spray clear coat over the top - which ever I can find. See I don't want to ASK himself,  because then he'll just take over and do it for me. Which takes all the fun out of it ya know? Do you know what I'm making yet?  A note holder! You magnet it to the fridge or the storm door, and the killing/snapper bar holds the paper note for you.

I have been reorganizing my studio and I found the best idea on Pinterest. You take 2-gallon zippy bags and clip them to pant hangers. Then you can hang them in the closet.
Now I can use that wasted space better. The closet in my studio also houses the Christmas ornaments.

All the stuff in these boxes are now in the hanging bags and the box below.

This box holds all my jewelry making stuff and all my Vera Bradley patterns can stay together and be pretty.

I got all my binders and catalogs off the floor, on these shelves, turned the card basket around to the front, and all the boxes that I covered with this book print can be together and match. Yeah, I know I am such a dork!


  1. Yay! Congrats on your win! They have the coolest stamps! And you just gotta show us the memo holder. LOL!

  2. Clever idea on the mouse traps!! can't wait to see the finished project! Awesome organization! I like your take on green butterflies!!

  3. Congrats!! I just began my blog lurking for the week and saw your took me a few to relaize that I know you! That card is stunning! You don't give yourself enough credit!!


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