Thursday, March 15, 2012

Organizing Embellishments?? Yikes!!

It's a good thing I shared my obsession with boxes, because that got me into this one... which is a mess. In a  blog I follow, Jamie's Stamping Cafe, Jamie wrote about organizing her buttons in rainbow order. I love that! She put hers in salt shakers and they look great while helping her find things. So, with this idea in mind I decided to tackle my box of "stuff." I can't do it like Jamie did, I need help!! My collection is not just buttons, it's all kinds of other stuff... and I don't know what else to put it/them in after I sort them... and if I sort them by color, will I be able to find stuff? There are all kinds of things, so sorting by theme wouldn't work, at least I don't think so. I'm at a loss here. (The stupid futon is still in my way and it's not flat, so I had to lay down some felt so it wouldn't roll off. I really hate this thing. We don't need two spare beds! I HAVE to convince my husband that we don't need it, or at least NOT IN MY STUDIO)

I think I'll just leave them out on the futon until I figure it out, maybe one of you will give me a good idea. Hey Jamie!!!
My first attempt at sorting things. There are all kinds of things I forgot I had!

This stuff, I just can't sort. There's not enough of any one type of thing to sort into color or theme, and some of the broken jewelry is large. And then there's that bottle of sand a shells.... what the heck is that doing in there?


  1. You have some really pretty stuff there! I am going to think on this! See-through is definitely fun. Save your clear jars like even jelly and pickle jars, they come in handy! Thanks for visiting my blog too! I hope to post more of the room soon.

  2. Oooooh that would have been good! I your first comment on see though, and that made me think of fishing tackle boxes. So I got a clear one at Walmart for 4.19 It works except for the huge pieces of jewelry.


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