Friday, March 9, 2012

Reorganization is Complete

My studio reorganization is now complete, and it made me so happy:) I tried to be finished yesterday, but I saw a three drawer unit on sale in Walmart for 12.88 and it was just crying for me to take it home. I tried to resist, I really did. I walked away and drove home.... and I kept thinking of how that unit would make it so much easier because it has drawers that could be simply pulled out to get to things instead of unstacking and restacking boxes every time I wanted something. Plus, it would allow me to eliminate one of the two layers in a couple desk drawers. That is efficient right? It was only 12 dollars, and it came in blue and you know how I love blue right?. So this morning I went back after it. I practiced my calligraphy skills making labels for the drawers too.
You can see my stash of matboard and foam core on the right leaning up against boxes of Christmas decorations. The tree is in the large box on the left of my stuff.


  1. Okay the calligraphy passes muster :D as well as the drawers totally agree with you on all points have been watching this with interest but not always saying hi bad huh Shaz in Oz.x
    PS may I suggest the removal of the "prove I am not a robot" appalling word verification.
    I am not good at reading underwater and that is what it is like; one go only and no work no comment.

  2. Thanks Shaz!
    You know, I thought I had that stupid not a robot thing turned off. I really hate that, I can never read them either! I'll go investigate and see if I can't get it turned off.

  3. Good morning ! Thx for your recent visit to my blog and kind comment ! You were asking about the water colour background .... You need to use good quality water colour paper. Use your Tom bows to add colours (fun to experiment). Spritz with water. Move around either by tipping the page or use a wide brush. Add course salt here & there and wait ! it's fun. The wetter the page, the further the water marks spread ! Have fun !

  4. It's a great feeling to have your crafty stash "organised" isn't it, and it looks like you made a great job of it Carole. Many years ago, when I began cardmaking, an avid crafter told me - "you will start off on the kitchen table, then you will take over one of the bedrooms, then you will need to build an extension, then you will have to move into a bigger house"!! I laughed, but she was (almost) right!
    Thank you for your kind comments, and good luck in my Candy draw.
    Sylvia x

  5. Hi, new follower here...I'm new to paper crafting/stamping etc. I am quickly learning that my craft room needs to be better organized :-) You did a great job; everything is in place.



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