Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful palm tree, but I'm stumped.

Remember that humongous stamp that I unmounted and cut apart a couple weeks ago? Here on this post.
This card is just not done. It needs something. I looked in my stash of charms and found this great palm tree, but it's kind of big. Then I found these fibers that I really love. The colors are perfect for this and I even designed a tassel of sorts. Then I couldn't figure out where to put both or either of them! arrg!!
Here's the card so far.
Here's the charm and the tassel, but they are not to scale.... hmmm...
Okay, now you can see the scale. I just set them on here, they aren't glued on or anything.
Got any ideas? It seems as if the embellishments disturb the shape of the die cut. Hey, it's raining for the second day in a row and my mind must be cloudy! lol


  1. First up..your coloring is fantastic! Awesome job!..2nd..I think it is a nice CAS card..but you know me.LOL..maybe a sentiment stamped on some of the white space? Or some dp behind it to give a bit more movement?..Other than that..I say leave looks nice and really shows off how great your coloring has gotten!

  2. Okay! CAS it is:) Thanks Jessica!

  3. I agree with Jessica! I have the same problem when I use big stamps.

  4. I agree with Jessica. Sometimes less is more. Your coloring is great, let it be the center of attention. Great job!

  5. Noooo!!! Don't put the charm and tassel on the card!!! Your coloring is fantastic! Just mount the whole thing on a clean white base and finish it off with a simple sentiment!

  6. Hi Carole ! I love this card ! The Palm Tree image is beautiful and so is your coloring ! I agree with the other ladies, the tassel & charm don't need to be there (save them for another creation) and CAS is the way to go ! Possibly a black stamped sentiment, but geez what if it gets a little smooshed? Really it looks great the way it is ! Cheers, Shirley x

  7. Carole, I agree with everyone else. Your card alone is fabulous. You did a fantastic job with the coloring and you don't want to take away from your image. I would make stamp a little sentiment on a circle and layer it to the side, but nothing else. It's great!

  8. Ok! I have a solution!! Stamp a mostly plain bookmark to go with the card!! Maybe stamp just the edge of the palm on the book mark so they match and add the tassel and or charm to the book mark! :) Gorgeous card, btw! :)


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