Monday, July 31, 2023

Tissue Paper Watercolor Technique

 I have a fun messy technique for you. There is a video tutorial below, and also a print copy of the directions:

I store my embossing powders in Sistema Plastic containers 

Here are the clips I use to hold the tiny spoon in my embossing containers. 

Review of the Basics

 Even if you've been stamping a while, you may find this post helpful. We'll talk about:

  • Halos around stamped images
  • Layering Templates which I use frequently
  • Which black inkpad to use for alcohol ink and watercolor AND how to remember
  • There are so many adhesives, follow these suggestions to make your crafting life easier
  • What do you need to bring to stamp classes?  I have a list for you:)
Printable Copy of this post;

 Pesky halos around stamped images

Demonstrators find that a lot of stampers like to use more ink than they actually need! 

So Let's get Back to the Basics:

  1. For the best results, turn your stamp over and hold the inkpad in your hand. This gives you more control over the amount of ink and where you lay it. Tap, tap, tap, lightly on the stamp with the inkpad a few times while moving around to cover the rubber completely.When printing your stamp, you'll find that steady, even pressure will give you the cleanest imprint.

  2. Tapping lightly on the stamp is key to avoid over-inking your stamp.

  3. If you take care not to put ink where you don't want it, it will make your life much easier. Rocking your stamp will give you edge prints, smudges or echo your print. Too  much pressure causes some of the same problems.

  4. For a much more crisp, clear image, use a Stampin' Pierce Mat when stamping with Photopolymer stamps.

Card Layering Templates

A great tool for determining the size of layers for cards. You won't need math, just use the templates and cut to the size listed.

Which Black Inkpad to Use??

Just remember, opposites attract. Use TUFF with GENTLE

Stazon is TUFF... so use with water based pencils, inkpads, and markers, which are all GENTLE

Alcohol Ink Markers are TUFF... so use with Memento, which is GENTLE

Adhesives, Do You Really Need More Than One?

It's essential to have the right adhesive. You can't adhere ribbon to your card with liquid glue, however Glue Dots are perfect. Small embellishments can only be adhered to a card with Liquid Glue or Glue Dots. When making 3D items or a fancy fold card, you need extra hold, so Tear & Tape is the perfect choice. Using die cuts means you need a Fine Tip Glue Pen. Which of these should you have in your Tool Kit? All of them, because they each have uses that you will quickly see that you can't do without. If you are new to stamping, check the starred items in the list below for the must haves for when you are just starting out.

Stamping Tool Kit For Classes



  • Tape Runner

  • Glue Dots

  • Tear & Tape

  • Fine Tip Glue Bottle 

  • Dimensionals


Bone Folder

Stampin' Pierce Mat

Paper-Piercing Tool (otherwise known as “pokey tool”

Baby Wipes

For your Stampin' Up! Shopping Convenience:


Order Number


Catalog Page

Paper Snips Scissors




Mini Glue Dots




Tear & Tape




Multipurpose Liquid Glue




Stampin' Dimensionals




Silicone Craft Sheet




Bone Folder



Stampin' Pierce Mat



Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Another Interactive Book

In this book, I used Stamperia's Magic Forest paper, it's a sequel to the book I made from Stamperia's Vintage Library. I'm taking a couple weeks off from making hand bound books to return to stamping, then I'll have one more to make for my other great niece, Ellee. Then, I'm done with books for the foreseeable future. 

This book is my favorite so far, but I say that about every book. It just shows that I'm growing and constantly improving.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Hand Crafted Desk Assessories

 I've been making some different things these past several weeks. I've posted a book (that looks suspiciously like a mini album) I wrote for my Great Niece. Today I'm showing some desk accessories I've made.

My husband gave me some perfume in this great box. Only problem was it said the name of the perfume on the cover. So I got out my scrap pieces of Mintay scrapbook paper and created a collage on the cover. 

And lastly, there's the tool organizer I made for m.y desk. I made it out of chipboard and covered the outside with that same Mintay scrapbook paper. I wanted it to fit in that skinny space on my desk behind my glass mat. So I measured the space knowing that that would be the depth of the box. Then I laid out all the tools that I like to keep right on my desktop. And using a ruler and the grid lines on my glass mat, I determined sizes for the compartments.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

A Different Kind of Mini Album

 I love making mini albums and handbound books. I also love to read and enjoyed reading to my son when he was little and to my students when I taught. I decided to combine the two and write a story to put in a mini album instead of pictures. This is a gift to my great niece, Isabella Grace.

The paper is "Vintage Library" from Stamperia. From the moment I first saw this scrapbook paper I was enchanted by the story the illustrations were telling. I used Stampin' Up! cardstock and inks. 

Monday, July 17, 2023

24 Hour SALE


Find yourself staring at multiple stamp sets from the 2023–2024 Annual Catalog and can’t decide which ones to get? You won’t have to stare for much longer because on 19 July 2023, you can get those stamp sets you’ve been wanting at a 15% discount!

But you will have to act fast because this lightning deal will only last for one day, so make sure you are ready to shop ‘til you drop! This is definitely a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Please note that this sale does exclude host stamp sets.