Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wasted my Money:(

You know I'm all about getting a good price, I mean I am half Scottish after all, and every McCray knows how to find a good bargain:) But I am also all about not throwing my money away on inferior products that I have to replace, which just costs me more money!!  Well, earlier this summer, I was chasing after a bargain and I did just that. Hear that sound?  That's my money going right down the drain. I'd been watching my friend Pam use her Stampin' Scrub and thought that was a much better way to clean stamps than the baby wipes I'd been using for years. When Pam cleaned hers, it was quick and easy and did a much better job. The cleaner for Staz On even got that ink off her stamps and her stamps were not stained either. I decided I really needed one of these, along with tons of other things of course lol! I saw something that looked like the same kind of thing in one of the big box art/craft stores and with a coupon it was only $6.00. I was just patting myself on the back all the way home. Then after I used it a few times, I began to realize that the smaller size was not such a good thing, and it was only one sided, so I had to divide the already small space in half, one for dry and one for wet. It's really hard to clean some of my stamps on that little bitty space. Then after a couple weeks I noticed that the bristles or whatever you call them had begun to get smooshed down. Hmmm you know you can see right down to the foam, those bristles are very sparse and fine.  While at Pam's house, I used her Stampin' Scrub. OMG  I really wasted my $6.00. I have an order going in on Wednesday and guess what's on it? yep, my very own Stampin' Scrub, and cleaner. Sometimes a cheap price is not a good deal, all you get is junk.
Stampin' Scrub 16.95
The dual-sided try contains extra-large, washable, extremely plush, very dense black fiber scrub pads. You clean stamp on one side, blot dry on the other. Cleans very detailed stamps. Each tray side is 7” x 7” which a a very generous size for larger stamps.
 Stampin' Mist 4.50
Stampin' Mist is a specially formulated spray that both cleans and conditions your rubber stamps. You can spray it directly on your Stampin' Scrub. How easy is that? It comes in a convenient spray bottle and refills are available. This stuff cleans all types of ink from rubber!
  • Stampin’ Mist comes in nonaerosol spray bottle
  • 2 oz. of Stampin’ Mist
  • 8 oz. refill available
 Stazon Cleaner 4.95
This fantastic product is perfect for stampers who like to keep their stamps looking as clean as possible. StazOn ink is difficult to remove from rubber stamps, but this StazOn Cleaner does a good job at removing the ink.
  • Acid free
  • Lemon scented
  • Comes in a 2 oz. dauber bottle

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