Monday, May 6, 2013

New Colors! Yipee!!

I've had quit a busy couple weeks with family visiting and such. I had such a wonderful visit with my sister-in-law:-) Right now, I'm making bookmarks for my customers to show our pretty new colors. I still have to add the insides to the smoky slate flutterby, as I neglected to order that ink pad. Boy have I ever got a long list for that first new catalog order!
I've spent the last three days totally glued to my new toy -a  tablet. I got a Nexus 10. It is the bomb! Using the touch screen makes me feel like a member of Star Trek or The Jetsons:-)  The camera takes amazing pictures of artwork and crafts; better than my Canon or my photo scanner. I don't understand why, but I'm sure happy about it. With my Canon, I always had to edit color and light in Photoshop, but with the Nexus tablet, I don't have to edit a thing, except some cropping. There's even a good photo editing program installed on it that can be used right from the photo viewer. Here are some more shots taken with it. (I've been taking pictures of previously photographed things to compare.)

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  1. Have fun playing with your new toy! The pix look great!


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