Wednesday, November 6, 2013

There is a reason why my husband calls me Blondie or Lucy.

I had another Lucy episode this morning. I was wiping off the lid of the washer and noticed the inside rim of the basin needed to be wiped off too... Well, you know how the basin part tilts cause that's how the agitation functions? I dropped my clorox wipe down inbetween the basin part and the outside shell. There is no way I can get down in there, I tried. Not too hard because while standing on one leg kinda upside down, I had a vision of me with my arm stuck in the washer. It was a lot like the time I stuck my foot through the bedroom ceiling from the attic. So I'm just going to be quiet and pretend nothing ever happened. If the washer quits working, Patrick will fix it like he always does,he can fix anything.  And if he just happens to find a clorox wipe inside. I'll say, "well I'll be darn, I wonder how that got in there!" Then I will quickly exit stage left!!

Oh and the critter count in the house so far this month is two lizards and three tree frogs. Plus a tree frog in my car yesterday.  Don't even ask.

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  1. Now who would have put THAT in there??? :) I think we've all had Lucy moments!!


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