Friday, January 17, 2014

Copic Marker Journal

I LOVE learning new things!! I'm having such fun reading and taking online classes to learn how to better use Copics. I've started a journal to help me in this process. One of my other loves is making handbound books. So I decided to combine the two. I've been wanted to make a book using the Coptic Stitch for a long time, so I finally did it. This type of bookbinding uses signatures, or sections of folded pages, and was first made by the early Christians back in the 2nd century. Now, this book is my record of work and learning, so all the stuff in it is not gorgeous. There's cut & paste, smudges, and white out over mistakes, but I thought I'd share it with you. I have a stamp coming that is just a head shot, so that I can practice coloring & Blending skin tones and hair colors. I need more colors of Copics!! Today, I'm going to Lowes and Hobby Lobby to see what I can come up with for storage. I want something to hold the markers in a particular order, so that I can keep blending families together. I also want a handle for ease of transport, not to heavy, hmmm I need a space for my journal and my color swatch book. I don't think I need a top on it unless it is hinged.

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