Monday, September 8, 2014

Origami Box

 I love this little gift box! The belly band is what keeps it closed. A flower and some ribbon dress up the belly band quite nicely:) We made these today at the St. John's Card Ministry. They will be used as gift boxes in the jewelry booth at this year's Apple Fest. Mark your calendar for Nov. 1 it's going to be awesome!!

1.   One sheet of 12x12 designer series paper.

2.  Score at 1 ½ , 3, 3 ¾,  8 ¼, 9 and 10 ½ 

3.  Rotate your paper and score at 3, 4 ½, 7 ½, and 9

4.  Use a bone folder to reinforce all the folds, folding in toward the pattern you want on the inside of the completed box.

5.  Place the side of the paper that has five spaces (3, 4 ½, 7 ½, and 9 inch score marks) across top in front of you. Locate the score mark that is 4 ½ inch from the edge. Make a diagonal fold from the corners to that 4 ½ inch score line. Do this on all four sides.

6.  Locate the score line that is 1 ½ inch from the edge of the paper and fold that in toward the center. You can see it done on the right and left sides of the photo to the right.

7.  Rotate the paper one quarter turn to the rights. Now you want to reverse the 4 folds shown in the previous photo. Place your finger in the triangle on your left and you will see a flap pop up. Fold the flap you just opened to your left. The photo to the right shows the end results after you do this to all four corners.

8.  Rotate the paper one quarter turn to the right. Fold the left and right sides to the center. At this point reinforce all the score lines with your bone folder.
9.  Reinforce the score marks that are 3 and 4 ½ inches from the ends (short sides). This will make a big difference on how sharp and crisp your finished box looks.

10.   Here comes the fun, magical part! See the score line that is ¾ of an inch for the edge of each long side? This will become a lip beside the box. Begin with the one on the left side. Put your left index finger just outside the edge of the score line. Bend it up and to the left.

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  1. Wow! So pretty. Love them both. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial.


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