Sunday, December 14, 2014

Copic Craziness and Stamp Index for Greetings

I've never found the need for a stamp index. I have several hundred stamps and they are arranged in categories in Iris Carts, I have several Saturated Canary digital stamps. The stamps I use most often, are current from Stampin' Up! They are arranged in alphabetical order in two storage towers. The sets are all indexed on the spine of the cases. I am extremely visual, and for some reason the images stick in my head and I remember pretty much every image that I have. This all works perfectly for me, except for one tiny little thing.... the greetings. They do not stick in my head, the words and especially not which stamp set they are in. My mind must work in categories and the greetings aren't found in sets that way, ya know? So one day I decided to make an index just for the greetings. I simply folded a sheet of cardstock in half and printed small images of the stamp set covers from my online catalog. Works like a charm, for me anyway. When I want to make thank you cards, for instance, I just flip through the pages at any set that has thank you and select one. Of course I had to decorate the cover and a cute little fairy called Whispy from Saturated Canary served the purpose perfectly. Fairly simply right? giggles
one of the pages
blank greeting card, may end up being a get well