Sunday, August 28, 2011

Demo work

In the past I did some demo work for stores and art stamp companies. I enjoyed that, but graduate school and changing jobs stole all the time available to pursue artwork.  Early retirement means that's not a problem any more:)  I'd like to get back into that, and maybe publish again as well.  I'm working on a large collage right now that may turn out to be something I could submit to Somerset Studio. We'll see. I remember how excited I was when they first published something of mine.  It was in the Return to Asia special edition. I was screaming and running around the house like a crazy person!! I called all my friends and my brother. My friends on the Oriental Stamp Art forum were excited with me and we all posted like crazy for days searching through the magazine for each others' work.  I still have the hand-bound book of Japanese paper dolls and the scroll with its box on a table in my work room. The Chinese take-out box now holds prismacolors. The cards have long since been given to friends for birthdays or get well wishes.  I still get tons of inspiration from all the beautiful artwork in that issue.

Must get back to work.  I'm pressing leaves: ginko, Japanese maple and bamboo.