Friday, August 26, 2011


This early retirement is actually pretty good.  I was disappointed at first that I couldn't find another full time job, but I do have a part time consulting position that is supposed to begin winter semester. I love being able to explore my creativity and not have to deal with children who can not behave and parents who don't help.  I do miss the good kids though... but not the administration. Their sole task in life is to shove all the work and blame onto the teachers. Hey, as a friend of mine says, "we didn't give birth to them."

I've been teaching myself how to paint (watercolor) and it's fun.  The operative word here is FUN, I'm that good yet.  Notice how I said yet? I plan to improve I can't get worse right?  I've read books and books and studied watercolor art online and at galleries.  I really need to take a class, so that's first on my Christmas list.

I've also been working on photography as usual along with rubber stamping and mixed media stuff. Oh and reading to my heart's content of course!

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