Thursday, October 13, 2011

Treasure Boxes

Cardboard jewelry box                    
Spray paint                                       
Bone folder                         
Glue gun
Self-healing cutting mat                    
Paper cutter

Embellishments: costume jewelry, beads, feathers, ribbon, snips of fabric, sealing wax, buttons, dried leaves and twigs etc.

1.      When gathering materials, choose papers and embellishments that compliment each other. For example, try selecting a theme such as Oriental, Celtic, Victorian, travel, floral, Indian, or wild animals.

2.      Use only the bottom part of the jewelry box. Measure the bottom part of the box (height, width, and length). See example Figure A.

3.      Spray paint the entire box - the sides and interior. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4.      Measure and cut the matboards. You will need three pieces of matboard. Two identical coverboards (top & bottom) are to be cut one half inch longer than the length and one fourth inch wider than the width of the box. See Figures B and F.

5.      Measure and cut the matboard spine the same width as the box is high, and as long as the coverboards. See Figures C and G.

6.      Measure and cut some decorative paper. To measure accurately, place the two coverboards and spine side-by-side as in the illustration. Add one inch all around. See Figure D.

7.      Apply adhesive to the back of the decorative paper and lay it adhesive side up on a flat surface.

8.      Lay the spine and coverboards on top, leaving 1/16 inch space between the coverboards and each side of the spine to create hinge channels. Press the matboards down firmly so the decorated paper adheres well. Use a bone folder to press out any air bubbles. Instead of using glue, you may wish to run the decorative paper through a Xyron machine or use double-sided adhesive sheets. See Figure D.

9.      Miter all four corners of the decorative paper by trimming them 1/8 inch away from the corners of the coverboards. Fold the four edges of decorative paper and glue them down. Press firmly with the bone folder.

10.    Measure and cut a piece of lining paper. You can use the same paper as on the outside of the box or choose a paper with a complimentary design. The lining should measure about a quarter inch smaller all around than the joined pieces of the covered matboards. See Figure D.

11.    Apply adhesive (or Xyron) to the back of the lining, then lay it adhesive-side down on the inside of the covered matboards. Be sure to use a bone folder to press the paper into the hinge channels.

12.    Hot glue the painted jewelry box to the inside of the lined and covered matboards. Make sure the spine and top of the cover will lift up and over, before gluing down the jewelry box. See Figure E.

13.    Next comes the fun part – decorating your box! Use old costume jewelry, leather, sea shells, feathers, barrettes, ribbon, buttons, and any other interesting embellishments. Use your imagination! Attach with hot glue.


  1. Hi,
    I like your boxes. I have seen your SCMagnolia name on splitcoast and thought you might be a lady I know named Valerie.
    She has a magnolia computer name too. Then, I realized you weren't her. Tonight, when I came to your blog to see the boxes, and saw your name, I think we used to stamp together in a group in Augusta with Jacqui Graham. I'm Vicki Kohler. If you're the same, its nice to have found you and hello. I'm still stamping too.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial! Saw you on The Outlawz.

  3. Your treasure boxes are beautiful, Carole. What a lovely blog you have and your artwork is stunning. It is so nice of you to give instructions for your projects as well.
    I found you through The Outlawz and I am now a follower.

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  8. These are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to explain!!


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