Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prismacolor Pencil charts

Prisma Colored Pencil Chart -Color Families

Numerical order page 1

Numerical order page 2

I've looked at several charts done by other artists and friends, and everyone of them has had a mistake: a couple colors left off, named incorrectly etc. I began with the color wheel chart from Prismacolor. It's done in a color wheel idea, but... they didn't leave enough space to color. This is very important, because you need to look at your chart as  you're working to see what colors look like. I made one list in numerical order a few years ago, to use as my inventory sheet.  The one put in color families/color wheel order is the one I use while I'm working. I hope these are helpful to you.

I intended to write a bit about my knee replacement surgery, but I've been sitting up for quite a while and I've run out of gas.  I have to save energy for physical therapy this afternoon.

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