Friday, October 12, 2012

College Theme

Football in the south is a big, no HUGE thing, so I'm going to capitalize on that! I've made bunches of post it note holders and junior legal pad holders with Carolina college football team colors. Purple and orange for Clemson and Garnet and Black for USC. They are all done except the packaging on the USC items. I'm waiting for a rooster punch to come in the mail. Then I'll pretend it is a Carolina Gamecock and glue them on to cover up the staples.

I've been up since 6:00. Why? I have absolutely no earthly idea! I've been working but not with stuff that has much to show for the time. Plus I used nearly an entire can of DH's black spray paint to paint a science fair board.... and it looks like a 2 year old did it. Seriously - it's all splotchy. I mean how hard is it to spray paint something anyway??? I just looked online at Hobby Lobby and I can buy a new board for 4 dollars! geesh, I'm such a doofuss!

I've made 3D birdhouses out of cardstock, birds, trees, etc for that display board. No, you can't see it yet because I'm not done with it. When I'm all finished, I'll show you:)

I've now made 48 post it note holders. Here are the non football items.