Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I May Never Go Outside Again!

Yesterday I was attacked by some miniscule insect varmit. I never saw it, but the bite(s) left my hand with an extreme allergic reaction which took 2 Benedryl, and hydrocortisone creme to get under control. Then this morning I went out to play with my Australian Shepherds, and Cricket had been hunting.... she had varmit blood and guts on her. eeeewwwww!!!!! So much for all the don't kill bunny lessons I gave her. I just know there is a dead one in the yard somewhere, well unless Sydney has eaten it already. Poor Bunny Foo Foo.

I have since retired to my studio where I'm safe surrounded by paper, stamps and ink pads:)  I've been making birds. Wanna see?
 Some of the birds flew to our display board and perched in the tree branches and some nested in bird houses. The rest will be on cards like this one:


  1. I really like your card Carole! That bird just *makes* your design pop to me....very nice work Hun & TFS!!!

  2. What beautiful birds! Your card is just wonderful!

  3. Wow!! These are amazing! You really need to do a tutorial on the coloring and assembling!! The birdhouse card is so beautiful as well!

    Critter guts...lovely!! Our Lab is just to social to actually attack another animal, but our cat loves bringing 'gifts' on the deck! Hope your hand is feeling better!

    1. I bought 2 tutorials from Lynn Pratt:
      This one was free:
      So was this one on Pinterest: (The website is no longer there, so you'll have to print image directions from Pinterest)

  4. I love how you made the birds so realistic in their coloring! They look like real birds--very cool!
    Terri in FL

  5. Fabulous flock of birds Carole! The bird punch is so versatile. Love the christmas card and that gorgeous snowflake embossing!


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