Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ribbon Storage

I used to store my small collection of ribbon like Becca, from Amazing Paper Grace does. Since I've become a Stampin' Up! Demo I've been using a lot more ribbon and it comes on much larger spools. My Upline, Pam shared this idea with me and I LOVE it! I found this VCR/CD storage thingy at Goodwill for $4.00. In fact, I have two of them. Spools of any size fit on the rails and if a row is not full, there is a bar you can use as a bookend type deal to keep them standing up. I can cut a small piece of ribbon off, or remove the entire spool easily. Now that this one is full, I'm going to ask my husband to attach the other one on top of this one. Then I'll have a tower of four rows. Right now it's sitting on the futon, which I wish would mysteriously vanish in a puff of smoke so that I could put a table there.... but that's a whole other story!
The interesting thing is, Pam found one similar to this on ebay. This is very cool too, I like it a lot, but I prefer my 4.00 Goodwill find:) We both think it could be made out of foam core as well.
The spice rack on the left holds non Stampin' Up! embellishments. Ya gotta love thrift store finds.


  1. Great ideas for ribbon storage ! My DH made me one that is has two 3 foot high dowels with all my ribbon. The problem is you can't remove the spools with 25 others on top :) I gave away 1/3 of my ribbon and STILL have tons ! Have a great day, Shirleyx

  2. Scoooore!! Love a good find!! :)


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