Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Bespoke Box From Across The Pond

In the UK the word bespoke means dealing in or producing custom-made articles or "made to order."
Bespoke parties are custom designed for you by several British companies. I learned this from a British woman named Sam Donald. She made a video on a bespoke box she made for a friend who sells handmade soap. Of course her metric measurements were right on, but I couldn’t get her conversions to Imperial measurements to work. So, I got out my metric ruler and did my own conversions, with a bit of adjustment, I was able to make the box perfectly.

Using a Stampin’ Trimmer:
1.   Cut cardstock  87/8 x 6 ½ inches
2.   Score along the long side at 1 inch, then whiz it around to the other side and score at 3 15/16,  4 15/16,  and 7 7/8
3.   Score along the short side at 5/8 inch, then whiz it around to the other side and score at 1 5/8, 4 15/16, 5 and 7/8
4.   Cut DSP for the front 2 ¾  x  3 1/8

Cut away the portions I marked with a pen.

After trimming it should look like this. Place Stick Strip on the section to the left. You see where I cut away a smidgon of cardstock on the four flap edges? That will help them slide into the box properly. I cut one rather large so that you could see it. Next, round the corners of the two large flaps so they will slide more easily inside the box too. Except the first one I grabbed the ticket punch instead of the corner rounder, I wouldn’t recommend doing that!

This is what the box looks like after I taped just that one section. It stays flat for storage! Isn’t that the coolest thing? <giggles> Now I can make several, doll them all up, store flat until the craft show, then pop them out, and fill them up.
 See how nicely it lays flat for storage?


  1. Those are so pretty! They would make great gift boxes.

  2. They are both so beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Great gift box! Thanks for sharing!


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