Friday, January 6, 2017

Loving Collage Style Stamps!

Yeah, I'm still stuck on the Touches of Texture stamp set. It's a rainy day here in South Carolina, and we are expecting a dusting of snow in the morning. In the deep south, that means stay off the roads as we don't have snow removal equipment. I can't wait to see what Tesla does when she first sees snow. She was born in June, so this will be a first for her. Being a puppy everything new excites her! She has the most delightful disposition, we are so lucky to have her. She's the third Australian Shepherd we've had, and I have to say we're hooked for life. For us they are the perfect breed.

My card stash is severely depleated after giving sets away for Christmas and a huge basket full for the fundraiser at church. I'll be cranking out cards as quickly as I can to give y'all ideas for the Spring Catalog as well as the yearly catalog. I am in desparate need of sympathy, thank you and thinking of you, so expect to see several this month.

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