Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prismacolor Pencil Journal

I started keeping a Prisma color Journal last year. In it are the color charts and notes from my tutorial as well as other notes and articles. I've been looking at the journals kept by Copic lovers and have gotten some great ideas for those of us who love Prismas. I want to add some of those ideas to my journal to make it an even better tool. What's in my journal right now:
  • I created an inventory chart by numbers to keep track of what pencils I have.
  • I also developed a color chart by color families and colored in with actual pencils. This one I use while coloring as it allows me to see what the colors actually look like so that I can select just the right colors, highlights and shading. Link to both charts
  • I also have a Prisma color wheel. This helps in the selection of overall color schemes. Link to Janet's color wheel
  • My notes on tools, techniques and my lists of color combinations that I like.
  • An illustrated list of successful color palettes.
  • Lists of colors used on certain stamps.
  • Debbie Gimbel's article, “Totally Useful Color Theory For Stampers.”
  • From River City Rubber Works,Dana DeCicco's article, Colored Pencil Tips and Techniques For Rubber Stampers.”
  • Color Theory 101 by Robin Schoenfeld.
  • “To the Point, Developing Your Colored Pencil Techniques” by Yvonne Perez
I used my spiral binder to put my book together.
my inventory checklist

I use this ALL THE TIME! When coloring I can see what each of my colors looks like.

shading families

Prisma People take note of these great ideas I found
I want to add these ideas to my journal!
Dana's Inspirations is a great blog. Her chart of several color families which contain the base color, shading and highlighting colors to go with it is a great idea that could be used for Prismacolor pencils too.
The complete charts can be found here:

Michelle's chart of eyes for those who like to color people is another great idea.

What about pages of colors like this? Something like this would be great in a Prisma Journal as well. Follow the link to see Emma's great ideas for her Copic journal.

Finally, I love the way Dana shaded each color in her chart. Why didn't I think of this! She also has a chart for skin and hair, and some great Prisma video tutorials on her blog. Be sure to check it out!
  3/4/2012 Just found the coolest thing to add to a journal!!
Jessica creates the most beautiful color palettes and posts them on her website, Design Seeds.  These are gorgeous tools to print and use in your journals!!
Jessica calls this one "Flora Bright" you've got to visit her site to see all the lovely things she has created. You've probably seen them all over Pinterest too.


  1. You look so organized! Fabulous journal!!

  2. what a beautiful journal. and a great idea. i've been thinking of starting an art journal and I'm adding your ideas to my growing list! thanks for sharing.

  3. How did you get the page printed in a spiral notebook?


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