Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Art Stamps

My Post-Ma'am brought a box with some lovely Northwoods stamps  yesterday. I really really LOVE their images. My wish list is ten miles long!! Here is the image in their online catalog:
Northwoods Tulip Windowbox Catalog Page
I love working with Prismacolor Pencils, so I used them for this gorgeous windowbox. I embossed the purple paper with a flourish design from Paper Studio and added some diecuts in different shades of purple using the Sizzix Decorative Swirls Set. I used a corner punch on the card to echo the swirls.  I really stretched my abilities with the pencils and shading on this one. for the shadows on the white curtains, I used French Grey 20%, French Grey 30%, French Grey 50%, and Cool Grey 70%. I made the color swatch below in Photo Shop and it took forever! I cut and pasted each color into a new document then merged all the layers. I didn't get each swatch the same size. Please let me know what you think. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to do this in a better way please share that with me as well:)


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  1. Gorgeous! I will have to get some of these stamps. I found your site in the looking for followers discussion over at outlawz. I hope you'll come and visit me @


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