Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are the last two Valentines, for the men in my life. The frogs went to my son and the mushy one is for my husband.
This is the lovely surprise I got from my Secret Sis, in the Valentine's Day Swap for the Pink Pajama Party Girls Blogging group. I had such fun opening the box and I LOVE all the stuff:) Isn't that heart shaped box just gorgeous? It's full of pretty lace too (big sigh) Pearl brads, decorative clothespins, a cool bookmark, some library book cards, gorgeous paper pack, a beautiful Valentine and wonderful hand cream. How did she know that my hands are constantly dry lately??
I ate the candy right away cause I was starving after Physical Therapy lol!!


  1. What sweet cards! I love those frogs! So sweet! Awesome goodies from Dorlene - Have fun with them. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I love the cards! I've really enjoyed the SS Swaps with the PJ girls!

  3. Such cute cards! Love all your goodies from Dorlene too! You got spoiled! :)

  4. Those frogs are too cute! Great stuff you got from Dorlene. I would have ate the Health bar right away too! LOLOLOLOLOL

  5. I'm glad you liked your Valentine's package. You deserve lots of love.


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