Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Has Sprung in South Carolina!

And I have been making springy and Easter things like crazy! I had the MOST DARN FUN making this bunny hole card! There are various versions around on Pinterest and other blogs. My version is an amalgamation of these cards. I'm going to send it to our Nephew's kids for Easter.

First I stamped the Crumb Cake cardstock with the Hardwood stamp in Chocolate Chip ink. Then construction changed as I went along and figured out what did and did not work. For example, I knew I wanted a sign for Happy Easter, I adhered it to the card then realized I should have sponged the edges. So I carefully pealed it up, sponged it and glued it back down. Next time I will remember to sponge the post too. I wanted pearls in the center of the flowers, but I lost an entire new package of pearls! wah!! Rhinestones will have to do, maybe this bunny has come from Vegas? Initially, I was going to use a punch for the hole, but it seemed to small compared to the bunny's butt, so I decided on the Circle Framelis, which would allow me to place the hole far enough up for the bunny's head to fit underneath on the inside.  However, I cut the hole.... before I glued down the strips of cardstock for the grass. After trying unsuccessfully to trim the grass around the hole, I decided to line up my framelit and make another hole. Then I sponged it to try and disguise the indentation made by the framelit. I attached the bunny butt and then struggled with what punches to use for the feet. The extra large oval was tooooo big, the scalloped oval didn't look like fur, so I used the large and small ovals and dipped an eraser in ink to make toe pads. I thought that would help fill in the space left by such a small pink oval.
Front of the card
Inside the card
This is when I realized that the hole would be tan color because of the Crumb Cake card base and that just didn't seem right. I figured a black circle would make the hole look right from the front, but what would a black circle be doing on the inside of the card? That's when I decided to decorate the circle/hole by stamping Happy Easter around it. I had to adjust the bunny's ears so they wouldn't be seen too much from the front. I had part of his body under the head, then realized that wasn't right, because his body would be behind him in the hole. So I pealed up the body and that left a sticky mess. So I decided to put grass there to cover that up. Which now that I think about it would not be found inside the hole. Oh well, little kids won't notice that right????

I wanted to tell you this whole story so that if you wanted to make a card like this, you'd learn from my mistakes!
Hoppy Easter!


  1. LOL!!! Love your story & card little kiddos shouldn't notice things like that! Great job with this & TFS!!!

  2. Soooooo stinkin' cute!!! I have seen this bunny tail on cards before, but never seen the sweet face on the inside! How clever are you?!! Love it!! :)

  3. Cute! I am liking that wood grain stamp you have been using!!


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