Monday, May 14, 2018

Kaleidoscope Cards

I remember making kaleidoscopes when scrapbooking kid pages back in the 90's. Then in Grad school, using Photoshop to make kaleidoscopes from photographs for photography class. Now they're back again, only this time with rubber stamps.

They look really complicated, but they are not - I promise:)  You need a pretty simple template made with two squares, then you just stamp, rotate cardstock, and repeat.... then voila! Instant coolness! Let me give you a piece of advice, don't spend money buying a template, you can just make your own.

For the first one I made, I used square framelits. That took any measuring out of the equation and sped up the process. I made a few with that template, then I decided I needed a bigger one. It was not hard to cut a square, trace and cut out the center on my Stampin' Trimmer. When it came time to stamp, my Stamparatus made things super simple. You can make a template out of plastic, or just use cardstock like I did. Take a look at my samples below, then see three videos that I watched to get me started.

This video is a great start to show you HOW. Watch the videos below to learn how to make your own template.
This template is made using cardstock.
This template is made with clear acetate