Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Back in my Studio

Recovering from knee replacement and my only child moving clear across the country has been kind of depressing. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks holed up in the kitchen. I’ve been trying new recipes like crazy. I'm surprised I haven't gained any weight! I think I better quit while I'm ahead! Yesterday I took a bunch of things from my stash to a gift shop (on consignment). This seriously depleted my inventory so today I am back in my studio working away. However, I'm walking every day, doing my exercises and climbing stairs (up to 16 times).

Ohhhh and I read the BEST book! "The Cinderella Deal" by Jennifer Cruise. It's a love story, but not one of those sappy romances where the plot is soooo predictable. It's very well written, and the characters are so well defined.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and “getting to know the characters.” This is so not like me – I usually read non-fiction or mysteries. The mystery I read last week was by an author that I like, but it really scared the pajeebers out of me. Now, I admit to being a total wuss. I hate scary movies, why even Jurassic Park scared me silly. You know the part where the Tyrannosaurus Rex eats the guy and you can hear it crunching him up? Well, that gave me nightmares! I guess being sad lately has made me more sensitive. So, I’m going to lay off the mysteries for a while.