Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Prisma Colors Added to Charts

 I just spent tons of time last month organizing my notes, typing them, and devising a numerical chart and a color family chart with all the correct colors. This took hours cross referencing various lists because the people who made them, had errors. Then I  get an email from Prismacolor announcing that they just added 18 new colors! lol:) So... I redid my charts:
Organized by color families (color wheel) to fill in with the pencils you have. It's a great help to use while using  your pencils.
Color Family Chart  (updated 12/16/2011) all one page
Numerical Order Chart page 1
Numerical Order Chart page 2 
Color Pencil Tutorials: 
Part 1 (9/1/2011)
Part 2 (9/19/2011)