Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Cards, Templates, and a Doll Lost & Found

Two of my nieces just had babies!! Instead of stamping, I used templates. I really like the unique 3D look they offer when making a card. The template for a little girl's dress is from Stampington: The template for a little boy is from Deneen on A Path of Paper:

This poor little doll sat in my drawer for ten years without an arm and most of her hair! I think I remember being discouraged because she didn't turn out like she looked in my head. So, I threw her in the drawer, she got shoved to the bottom and I forgot about her. I found her this week and decided nothing is perfect, and I'd finish her.
Two arms and all of her hair... such as it is. I saw shrink plastic dolls like this at the Atlanta Stamp show in 2001 or 2002. This company was selling kits to make them. I'd spent all my money.... and I kind of have an aversion to kits... I'd rather make my own. So when I got home I did my version of one.... mostly. I can not remember the name of the company. It seems like it began with a Z. Zum Goli or something like that. I've searched Gingerwood's list of companies, found a couple that began with Z and looked at their websites. Nothing with shrink plastic or dolls, just stamps.

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  1. Carole..I really like the cards..but I LOVE that funky doll! It reminds me of the college art fairs I used to go to in Atlanta when I was a student bohemian looking..kinda hippy -ish as my husband would say! I really like it. Did you enjoy finishing it after all these years?


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