Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Studio Reorganization

As I've told y'all before, I am a neat freak who loves to organize.... but I have secret shhh.... My closets are often messy 

See, when I clean or pick up the rooms in our house I often toss things in a closet and close the door!!!  You know, outa sight, outa mind.

When I first started teaching I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of paper work and projects that needed to be done but could never get caught up. Our school secretary, Lois, taught me never to have 'to do' piles of paperwork. She said to always file/store everything the minute you get it, or stuff would get lost in that 'to do' pile. Boy was she right! I caught myself doing that the other day. I have a bunch of projects that I'm currently working on all spread out on the futon in my studio..... bad bad I put all the projects away in the themed storage boxes and made a quick list of the projects I'm working on, on a sticky note. 

Then I opened the closet door... yee gads!! 

I just spent the last two hours cleaning out and reorganizing my closet, and rearranging a few things in my studio. I found stuff behind the Christmas boxes I didn't know I had!! I promptly moved some of the Christmas things to our son's old room. It's the guest room now, and that closet is not full (evil grin). I went out to my husband's shop to see what I could 'borrow' for storage instead of spending money that would be happier being spent on art supplies or clothes. See, even my money has a mind of its own. I knew I'd put some old milk crates in the shop and those would be great for the closet. Well wouldn't you know my darling husband had things in all of them. He was even using the big plastic storage box I brought home from school last summer. He's the saver, I throw everything away if I haven't used it recently. I probably had more milk crates and threw them away. As I came back in the house I walked past my purse..... and I could have sworn I heard a very faint sniffle. I told you that money really didn't want to spent on boring ole' storage stuff!  I got busy reorganizing what was in the closet. I did make a lot of improvements. My studio is much more functional now and it looks better too

But you know, I sure would love to have about 4 milk crates. They would fit the narrow space perfectly and I could have more vertical storage....

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