Friday, March 23, 2012

War With Mounted Stamps

As God is my witness I will never unmount another Magenta stamp again! The foam on those things is some indestructible stuff!! It's really quite a testament to Canadian craftsmanship. I felt as though it was an all out war... and I was General Patton. 'The enemy was quite the formidable foe. I was outflanked and outmaneuvered. There were many casualties: my hands, my fingernails, my back, my sanity, and the Tack n' Peel on my acrylic block.

How did unmounting stamps mess up my Tack n' Peel you ask? That foam would not come off!! I was desperate. I decided to leave it on, but it was soooooo sticky! So I put baby powder on the foam backing to get rid of the stickiness. I rubbed and rubbed to get all the residue off.

Big mistake, the baby powder caused my Tack n' Peel to lose its stickiness. Even water did not resuscitate my TAP. I played taps, gave it a burial in the trash can. I had lost the war and was exhausted. What was I to do? Well, I'm General Patton so when the going gets tough..... I took a nap!

Note to self... when the label on a chemical (uh that would be Goo Gone) says to observe caution when getting in contact with skin... heed the warning!!!

Pictures from our brave war correspondent:
After using the powerful microwave weapon
Time to bring out the heavy artillery
under heavy attack, reinforcements called in
The enemy refuses to be subdued, even after heavy sanding
I did not surrender, but I will not go to war against this foe again. The worst casualty, the hands bore witness to photographs that are too graphic to publish.


  1. have made my day Carole..I just love your personality...

  2. Lol, been there and done that too!
    That is probably why the stamps are so expensive, well when I bought them long ago!

  3. Too funny. This is why I keep my wood mounted stamps just the way they are. Now I only buy unmounted.


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